BABA Antique Wooden Floors has been in business for over 33 years. Our Mill is located on a beautiful 90-acre farm in Pittsboro, NC.  BABA was originally founded by Jonathan Grumette, a man with unique, yet inspiring vision. Jon’s dream was to create a beautiful place and so he bought the former Dairy farm where our business is located now. Many years and man-hours were spent digging the lake and placing everything perfectly according to Jon’s vision.  As an architect, Jon oversaw the design, placement and construction of the actual mill, and all of the eclectic buildings throughout the property.

As a family business we have been producing beautiful aged floors and refining our methods every day since 1983. In that time, we have worked conscientiously to see that each and every customer has been pleased with his or her new floor.

“Everything is done for you with love, as if your floor were going into God’s own home, for in truth, it is. “

– Jonathan Grumette 3/23/45 – 12/3/15