Reclaimed material
Our entire Antique selection is truly antique, containing nail holes, worn areas, work holes and saw marks. Floors are graded meticulously to contain only marks of age and past use that contribute to their beauty. Boards are repaired allowing us to produce floorboards up to 12+ Feet long.  No standing tree is harmed through this option.
Reclaimed Oak
Our Fumed Antique Oak floorboards are 100-200+ years old with original surfaces, long boards with legendary hardness and a soft, warm brown patina. Each board contains its own unique character so that no board is ever the same.



Reclaimed Chestnut
The American chestnut tree was, at one point, extinct. A blight introduced in North America from China in the early 1900’s, caused the greatest botanical disaster in history; by the late 1930’s, nearly 40 billion chestnut trees had been killed. As the trees died, they toppled over in the woods. A small number hung on other trees as they fell to the ground, meaning that, the soil was unable to start the decaying process. The floorboards we produce are rare fallen trees, and boards, or beams rescued from old buildings and other structures. This is the rarest and, perhaps, most beautiful wood of all.


popReclaimed Poplar
Poplar floors come from Great Tulip Poplars which grew slowly in America’s original virgin forests, giving them deep color and fine grain. Slow growth allowed them to develop their high heart content. Boards milled from the heart are a beautiful pastel green color, mixed with the pale rose of the surrounding wood. Overtime the boards develop a beige color, with soft rose and grey overtones.


cyp1Reclaimed Cypress
The oldest living tree on Earth is the 7,000 year old cypress tree. No living tree is ever harmed using our antique cypress, one of the rarest and most beautiful woods in the world.


shitepineReclaimed White Pine
The Great White Pines of North America were majestic trees, often 6’ in diameter. These trees produce the widest, most beautiful boards characterized by mellow, warm patina accrued over centuries of exposure to light and air. Many colonial homes with white pine floors are still in use today, their floors worn silky smooth by generations.


heartReclaimed Heart Pine
Antique Heart Pine is pound for pound stronger than steel. These floorboards have been gently dried to perfection by their exposure to light and air for more than a century. They show marks of past exposure including, nail holes, subtle worn areas, and a very deep, rich color.